Thursday, March 24, 2011


What a whirlwind of a activity the last few days. Doesn't look like I have accomplished much but I really have.  It's those things one does that only you realize have been done and to other's eyes it looks like you've just made more of a mess.  Had to move some totes and fabric out of the sewing room into the hall to make room to move things around to get to other things....blah, blah, probably know what I mean. In the process I found some interesting sheer samples so I am adding them to the giveaway box. I can see these holding in place some little stones, metallic threads, sequins and other jewels to make a nice embellished prom clutch.  How about a scrap book page to hold mini memento treasures?  Here's a pic:

I'm leaving the cardbord on them because it has the content info on them and I also have found that you can glue two of them back to back and make a pretty bookmark.

Just for fun here's another addition...
It's empty right now but I know what I'm gonna put in it.  And you will too when you win and open it...SURPRISE!  If my hubby doesn't quit making comments about my sorting and cleaning progress you may win him. JK!
If this is the first you've heard of this Build A Box Giveaway read my two previous posts to see what I've put it the box so far.  Follow my blog and leave a comment. When the box is full, I'll draw a name.  Check back often and leave a comment with each addition for more chances. Today is a free day for me so I am heading in to the sewing room and will be adding more today and hope to post about it.  Hope you are having fun with this--I am! The boxes I moved into the hall left a path to the real treasures..........................

:-}   Also go to Pots & Pins for another giveaway and a really cool comment card for Hubby!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hows that for a snappy title? (Snort!!!)  Okay, remember yesterday's lovely moire? It really is cream and not grey. On my screen is looks grey and nothing I did changed it. Hey! You over there in the corner...I heard that and I will take some photography classes someday...I promise!

Ok, ready for today's addition?  How do you feel about tone on tone? How do you feel about paisley?  Do you like silk? How does red....bright shiny red strike you? How about tone on tone bright shiny red paisley silk?  And maybe a splash of green sheer tone one tone paisley with a loop or four attached just for interest?  A swath of lavendar-on-not-quite-royal-purple almost corduroy paisley do anything for you? And then how about lame lamay gold on black slinky shimmery paisley? Can you embellesh anything with these?

And just because it's Sunday....a couple of cute little kitty cut outs for appliqueing.

And never any charge for the bird nest filler.  I see the black cat has been in it.

Okay for a chance to win this Build A Box of fancy fabrics and embellishments and anything else I might take a notion (pun intended) to throw in there....follow my blog and leave a comment.  You don't have to tell me what you might do with today's goodies but that might add to the fun. Oh, yeah if you are a no-reply blogger and are returning today, did you get my reply from yesterday's comment or not? Cause I replied to everyone!  I'll need your email at some point.  Check back often...can't promise something every day but I'm gonna do my best!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Just to get me motivated to clear some more in the sewing room I am going to have some fun with a giveaway of some fancy fabrics I have.  I'll be going thru my satins, velvets, sheers, tulle, moire, etc, etc to build a box to give!  I might also throw in some embellishment goodies.  You can watch it grow here on my blog as I will post pics as I throw things in the box.  To enter all you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment. Check back often to see what I add in.
We'll start with this lovely piece of cream moire. Stay tuned for more additions.   In the meantime, you can click over to Marilyn's and check out her giveaway.  Aren't quilter's just the most fun folks?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've been told all my life that we are of English, Irish and German and American Indian descent. Our family surnames bear testimony to the English and German part and family stories flesh out the Indian strain but as yet I haven't run across any names preceded by an O'  However, when I hear the likes of Daniel O'Donnell sing, my inner voice speaks for days after with a lilting Irish accent  and I long to visit those green valleys and craggy hills. I'd like to walk the pastoral places and smell the heather that the word Ireland conjures up for me. In my dreams I've been there and run as a wee lass among the lambs and smelled cabbage and potatoes boiling on a hearth, tasted thick clotted cream and spread fresh butter on warm just out of the oven soda bread, The Ireland in my heart is the ancient Ireland where life was full but yearned for more peace, more prosperity.  I gladly wear my green today and long to be home.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Susan in Texas is having a really good fabric giveaway. Click HERE to go there. Lots of chances.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I had a little debate within yesterday. I have steadfastly resisted temptation to try out the long arm quilting machine set up in my local quilt shop. They ask me every time if I want to give it a spin because I always head right over there to look it over and gaze longingly at it, examining the practise stitches of others, wondering could I do that? would I do that? would it be worth the investment?    I actually went in to buy a pigma pen to use for labels. The conversation started like this:

"May I help you?"
"Yes, I'm ready to shop for a quilting machine." A tiny part deep inside me recoiled with a faint "Who said that?"

But the rest of me knew that I really am ready! My budget may not be ready, my sewing room may not be ready, but I am ready and that is the first part of making it happen. The first step to calling it in.

When I put my hands to the machine and turned it on, I knew this is it. I am going to do it.  That baby glided in my hands like an extension of me. I've never run a long arm before and I wrote words, I swirled, I feathered, I played and settled into a place I haven't felt part of for a long time.  Somewhere along the way in the last ten years...and I won't bore you with the details of how it happened because I do know how it happened...but somewhere in there I lost the knowing of who I am.  I didn't lose me, I was and always will be me, but I lost knowing the truth of it. I'd accepted a lie about myself. Funny how just taking a step like that can just fill your inner person with healing.

Something spiritual was happening in that shop yesterday. The clerk went to the back and asked the owner to come up. She knew! She pointed out the name I'd written and said "She's ready for a machine." He looked at me. He knew! The three of us spent an hour talking about the machine, about quilting, about money and about how I'd be back.

God will make a way where there seems to be no way.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I woke up this morning with a feeling of anticipation. Like something good is about to happen! Like wonderful things are being stirred up.  Gearing up my expecter antennas and ready to receive! It's a joyful thing!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Go to Mary's blog to check out her darling little recycled shirt quilt and then vote for her in the contest which she entered that quilt. Her quilt is a hoot! She's a fellow quilter and Kansan!

There's still time but not Cinderella, you only have till midnight to run over to Pleasant Home and congratulate Jo on a special event coming up. I'll let her tell you all about it.  When you do you get a chance to win an Accu fabric cutter! 

She even gives you a few extra ways to enter so check it out by clicking on that Pleasant Home above. I'm sooooo excited for Jo cause I been there, done that and it's a YIPPEE! for sure.  (Sorry,this GO! baby giveaway has ended but go over and congratulate JO anyway.)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A few days ago Pat gave a quick tutorial on these cute coasters. I'd seen them and had wanted to try them so I did. They are so quick! Great idea for a gift. So fun too. If you like them head over to Pat's Patter for the easy to follow tute.

First I made the ones with the squares folded into a Triangle.  These look complicated but they aren't at all.  No tricks just simple placement of your squares.

Then two sets of Red White and Blue. I almost always have to capitalize those words when in regard to patriotism. In this case I'm thinking 4th of July get togethers.

I finished up with a set I call "I've Got the Blues." I imagine the reason is obvious.

Thanks to Pat for the great instructions.  Sometimes these quick little finishes are just what you need so you can return with enthusiasm to a big project.

Oh yes, last week I made a single one at my sewing class just to show the gals how it goes and yesterday my youngest student asked to stay after to make a set. They took about a half hour for a set of four and that included cutting the squares. She was going to surprise her parents at the supper table. I didn't have my camera so will ask her mom to email me a pic of them and will post.  Not thinking about it, she chose different green fabrics from our shelf and when we were finished we both said "St. Patrick's Day."  It was funny.  I think she is 9 now or maybe will be in April. Time keeps flying.