Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Flimsy

I recently finished this quilt top.  It seems huge after all the baby quilts I made.  I fell in love with it when I saw the one JulieK made and did it from memory.  I might have done my blocks bigger cause as I said, it seems big and I don't have borders on it yet. I think Julie's had a piano key border. Not sure if I will add a border or not. It is big enough for me now. This is all made from recycled plaid shirts except for the white, which was cut from a bolt of solid that I have. I can't wait to get it quilted and on my bed cause I am keeping it for myself.  Not sure what to use for the back, though. I do have some extra string blocks left that I could use.  It is so big, it wouldn't fit on the design wall so I draped it over the recliner and table.


As I look at the picture, I think it does need at least a little bit of border. Those small outer 9Ps just appear to kind of hang there, don't they?

And some cl;ose ups...

(PS on this quilt: When I went to look at JulieK's again, I see she is doing a sew along with it now so join in with her. Kudos to her and Evelyn Sloppy for inspiring me to do this one.)

I've also been cutting and piecing a bit of Red, White and Blue and gold for the quilts I have promised to my friend for his Veteran's house.  He is a Vet too and has bought a big older house that he and some other Vet's have been fixing up.  They will have seven beds, (maybe 8 with his...I need to find that out) and I volunteered to make a quilt for each of them to honor my own brothers who also served during the Vietnam era and shortly thereafter.  I really enjoy making these for other folks.  It gives me a lot of satisfaction to think of someone cuddling all warm under one of my quilts.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Nanato4!!! Congratulations, Kathy. You are the winner of my Build a Box Giveaway!  I hope you are well please with your goodies. Thanks for helping me clear some in my big sewing room reorganization!

I have lots to post about but right now finding time to blog is a challenge.  I've made a couple of fun purchases I want to tell you about and there are some fun events coming up.  I have some projects to post pictures of, too.   When I get started posting it will be lots of fun!

Got to go get my grandson's birthday gift in the mail. More later....................

Thursday, July 7, 2011

NO EXCUSES...Let's Do This

No excuses for not blogging: I have my reasons LOL. Anyway, let's just do this giveaway.  I'm adding some more goodies to fill up the box and will draw the name on Saturday morning. You can check out all the details beginning here .

I'm looking forward to this fall.  My granddaughter is getting married in Vermont and I'm thinking of a roadtrip come September.  Anybody live around Burlington or Waterbury VT? Would sure love to visit with you thru emails.
Got the quilts finished up and sent off to Japan, or at least to Marilyn in California and she has sent them all to Japan. My little group pieced 50 tops, I got 42 quilted and bound and sent the other 8 along to Marilyn who had a couple longarmer's finish them. Here's just 3 of my favorites.

The string border is really an easy way to dress up a panel.  I could see doing this on a larger quilt.

Got to go for now.  Keep stitching or whatever it is that brings you joy!