Saturday, October 30, 2010


You saw the one block I enjoyed making earlier this morning?  Well it grew into another UFO...I just don't know how this happens so often to me. These are really fun and quick.


I have made bow tie blocks fact I have a top waiting for a border decision hanging in the sewing room; however, there has been chatting on one of the groups about dimensional bow ties and someone posted a tutorial yesterday.  This morning I made one. It took about 2 seconds. OK. maybe a little longer but not much. 2 squares of one print, 3 of the other, a little tinkering to line up for pinning and voila!. It was so fun and quicker than the non dimensional I think. I will be making more of these. Just so cute. I used 3 inch squares because those were cut and handy. The picture doesn't highlight the dimension too well, but the center is puffy.  Below is the pic and here's the link to the tutorial.  Go try it, you'll be glad you did.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Remember I said I was rewarding myself with starting a new project for finishing 7, count 'em SEVEN, wooo-whooo!! UFOs?  Well I started the stars that I pictured in my last post and while I was cutting scraps for the stars, I saw some fabric that would lend itself to  Bonnie Hunter's Mountain Majesty I've been wanting to do, so I started one of those and that led to some for bricks and stones...I mean if the remnant is already 3 1/2" X 8" which is the size I like to make mine, why not go ahead and sew those black and white 4P onto it (left over from the last one I made)? And here's some more white 2" squares so I can cut these black ones and make a few more...oh, look at this brown print, it will make such good 3 1/2" squares for the scrappy basket.  And so it went.  When I shut the light out in the sewing room last night, I had started four more quilts. OOPS..make that five...I also sewed a few light/dark 2" strips into tubes and cut Hidden Spools blocks with my easy angle.  The cool thing is by organizing my stash, I have a better way to keep these WIPs.  I covered my shelves with some heavy duty vinyl wall paper, stapling over the edge and neatly onto the bottom so it looks really nice.  I found I can slip one of these drapery hooks into the shelf edge like so

clip the blocks together with a binder clip and hang them on the hook. The WIPs look very nice hanging in a row.  And I am busting my stash.  I did empty another tub of scraps working on these.  I think it is just in my nature to always have several things in the works.  That way as I am cutting I can add as I see what scraps work best with which project.  I can see some real progress in getting all these tubs emptied.  I found most of my youngest daughter's T-shirts which I plan to give her as a quilt for Christmas...
Best part of all this is I am really enjoying myself.  I love my life,

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I had a ball putting this very liberated cat pillow together. Used all kind of scraps on the top that coordinated with the colorful Cozy Kitties in the strips and free motion quilted it onto a foundation. The back is snips of fabric, yarn and thread again free motion quilted all over to hold them down. I call this Give A Cat a Ball of Yarn.  Lots of good practise on FMQ.

This one was a UFO for awhile but I got it all finished and even hand stitched the binding down.  I don't enjoy doing that but the outlaw Jimmy Smits made it a little easier for me.  Some say he is just eye candy but I like his acting ability...(cough, cough) Well, that too.         Since I have had several finishes lately and have worked so hard getting a lot of my fabric stash out of tubs and onto shelves, I decided to reward myself with a new project...shhhhh! Don't tell any of the stashbuster's group. I've been wanting to try this pattern of a block that was in a box of sewing things a friend gave me.  I'm sure it has a name but I don't know what it. Here is the original block which is made with 3" squares and some of mine which use 2 1/2" squares.  I have seven others cut but not sewn yet.  This block is good for learning color value I think.