Friday, August 12, 2011

Starry 36Patch--I think this will work.

Please excuse the makeshift design wall but the regular one is full and I don't want to move what's on it till I'm ready to stitch it together. I've been using up some leftover 2 1/2" strips to put together some 36P's. They are fun and quick made with a stripset of 6 alternating strips subcut 2 1/2", flip every other one and stich them back together creating the checkerboard.
 I think they are just a bit too much without something between them so I grabbed some 2 1/2" HSTs and squares and stitched them around a 4 1/2" center, and a 8 1/2" strip to each side and a 12 1/2" strip top and bottom to create the star block. I think it'll work. I'm planning 5 blocks across and 7 down.  I can see now I need to do a few more of the really light colored squares to give it some balance. I'm liking that my 2 1/2" strip bin is emptying out. 50-60 more quilts should do it.
Also had to make one of the Stacks blocks they've been talking about in Stashbusters. And of course, cut a few extra pieces to leader/ender them as I'm working on the 36Ps. This isn't doing much for the UFO challenge except adding to the list for next year but I'm enjoying myself. 
Here's what's on the design wall.  It's a D9P that was pretty but too little contrast so I decided to dress it up with some flowers.  I still need to position some and stitch down the rickrack stems and leaves and it will be ready for sandwiching...unless I decide to do a border.  Not sure if I will put the extra's on the back or make a small wall hanging with them.


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