Friday, September 9, 2011


I'm entered in this weeks contest at Quilts for Babies. If you like my quilt would you please vote for it. It is Circus Bears. Just go to and scroll down to Vote Now and you'll find the click here. Lots of cute quilts there. Thanks so much for considering mine.

I am in Beautiful Vermont where right now I am sitting in a hotel activity room looking out a window at a lovely covered bridge. The leaves are only just now getting a hint of color and next fall I am planning an October visit so I can get them in all their glorious splendor. Tomorrow my granddaughter exchanges wedding vows with her fiancee. Her mother, my daughter has remained remarkably calm. She does have a little bit of an illusion that everyone should quit being who they are and cave into to every bridal whim no matter how scattered...yeah, like that's gonna happen. It really has went very smooth for the most part. This morning when those sharing my room have risen, I will take over the room with the sewing machine to make the maid of honor's sash. You know the sewing person is the last to finish! Makes one very important...LOL 

I am so thankful for cell phones! It has untethered me to roam freely scouting out things others have no interest in...old Gramma things!  They just call me a bit in advance when they are ready to do something and I can say "oh, go along without me on this one." or "I'll be there in a few minutes."

Life is grand! Pictures soon.

Friday, September 2, 2011


               I was going to call this post "GOTTA STOP PROCRASTINATING" but I had to change it to "REMEMBERING"
Remember this picture.  It was hanging on my design wall until I could get the stems and leaves pinned and sewn on.  Mostly they were just pressed onto place.  Well, one morning last week I got up to find the quilt on the floor and a couple of the stems in the kitchen and another in my husband's office.....
You might also remember this picture.  Right from the very beginning, Snoops has loved pulling bits out of my sewing room and dragging them in to us to play. She's never taken anything off the design wall before, though. I wonder if maybe having the fan going caused the stems to wave a bit too temptingly for her.
Another pic to remember. I'm heading out early, early in the morning to the wedding which is next Saturday. 9-10-11 That date should be helpful in remembering their anniversary. Can't believe my little granddaughter is getting married.  I remember lots of other photos that would make it seem impossible and others that show that yep, she grew up!