Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've been reading blogs this morning and what an inspiration that is. Not only does their beautiful work inspire but the gorgeous new fabrics set my heart racing. I have not store-bought new fabric for years. I have a lot of vintage 70's, 80's and 90's fabric. I'm a yard sale and thrift store frequenter and love to find whole boxes of fabric for a couple $$s. Plus folks that know I sew and teach a class often donate fabric to me. I don't have a bankload of money invested but still something about knowing I have all that fabric waiting at home puts the brakes on when I go into a fabric store. (I even have a $25 Mother's Day fabric store giftcard untouched as yet) HOWEVER.......perusing these blogs and seeing all these crisp dynamic geometric fabrics sort of makes my stash seam a tad drab! So I am inspired to get this stash all sewn up or flung away so I can buy some of these new prints with a clear heart.

Got all the plum jelly done. YAY!!! Two cases of pints and five cases of quarts. And a bit of syrup just for fun. Talk about jewel tone color! That plum color is sparkling gorgeous!

Census work has come to an end unless they call me in to do follow up work which they said might be a possibility. I am planning to visit my grandchildren in August. Only the heat is giving me a quick thought of maybe I should wait till fall but I feel a bit of heart tug urgency to see them. Homebody Hubby does not want to go and is doing well now so think I might just drive. I like the quickness of flying but love the solitude of driving. Have a little talk with Jesus time! Truly refreshing.

Have not been sewing but rather doing prep work...sorting, folding and a bit of cutting. And of course a good amount of researching blogs and quilt sites to find the patterns for my next projects. (Big toothy grin here--very necessary research.) Got all my flimsies in one area and as soon as I get the things I'm sorting off the table will put the flimsies together with their bats & backings and start quilting. The rest of the house needs a real going over too. A yard sale of gigantic porportions probably wouldn't hurt! Sometimes I think I should open the doors tell everyone "take what you want" and then make do with whatever is left! I think the decision of what to part with is the hardest part for me. I see possibilities in everything.
Best quit talking and start doing! Blessed Saturday everyone.


At July 24, 2010 at 10:17 AM , Blogger Mary K said...

Your words are very inspirational and your writing is something I enjoy reading.

Thank you.


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