Saturday, January 15, 2011


Since I have joined Stashbusters I am learning to be more disciplined about finishing things. I signed up for the UFO challenge where you list your UFO's and pay a FQ penalty if you get "caught" not keeping up with the challenge.  It is a really fun way to be motivated. I finished 16 UFO's in the 6 monthes that I belonged last year, which I thought was pretty good (to be fair, some were small) but I still have about 30 found UFO's to start 2011. (Could there be some still lurking in totes or drawers yet to be unearthed?)  I find that after I finish a UFO, rewarding myself with a new project is very satisfying. It is like a double blessing...the UFO is finished and I have a new project to work on. Well, glory be, I finished 2 UFO's this week.  Both are raggy quilts that will be donated to my church for their free Clothing Boutique. Made totally from recycle jeans and flannel shirts.  These are fun and go quick but I get bored with them because I have made a few, quite a few.  I wish I had kept track. 

Anyway, these two are finshed and crossed off the challenge list! YAY!!! That means I get a reward of starting something new.  I had already done one heart block with some pretty black and lilac fabric squares left from another project so dug into my scraps for some more lavendar and purple and came up with this.
It is a table runner.  Click on the pic to see it a little better. The purple around the two lighter squares is not as blue as it appears in the pic. I do wish I had done just a tad darker heart in the block on the far right. It just seems a bit unbalanced color wise.  I had wanted to try the twisted border and found I really like it. Very easy treatment to set those blocks off.  I plan to do that treatment  with some dark solid fabrics for the borders on some crumb blocks I have already that is another UFO. But this one was a start to finish job. Whoopee!!! Love it when it is finished before I've moved on to something else.  I did a wrapped backing binding on it creating a wide border all round that matches the back. (Actually, it is part of the back.) I machine stitched it down with a decorative stitch and machine meandered for the quilting. Now what to name this little sweetheart? I thought of Purple Passion, Lavender Love or Topsy Turvy Hearts.  What think ye?

I need to be working on my daughter's T-shirt quilt but unfortunately I have hidden from myself about half of her t-shirts.  I have an idea where they are but if I'm right, it would take the five days to find them. Oh well, cash is always an appropriate birthday gift for that child...five days and my baby will be 30.  Siggggghhhhhh!


At January 24, 2011 at 12:45 AM , Blogger Filled with quilty goodness said...

I made a rag quilt out of denim as well. Funny thing is, I don't seem to have any less denim than before I started. That stuff seems to multiply.


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