Thursday, December 30, 2010


First off...vacation is wonderful, I love traveling, the drive was near perfect and the visit with family was terrific but THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME! It was really good to begin seeing the mileage signs for Topeka as I crossed the state line. That always gives me a charge. And when I stopped in Yates Center for fuel, the gentleman pumped my gas! It has been years since someone pumped my gas. What a wonderful early Christmas gift.

Getting home, though always includes a list of catching up To-Do's. First on my want to list was catching up steps 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the RRCB mystery we over at Quiltvillechat are participating in.  Well, I did it.
60 neutral 8 1/2" string blocks 

30 sets of 4 green and neutral twosies plus 4 green matching squares

600 neutral and red squares (from Step 5) sewn into strips of 5 plus 30 red squares

344 QS triangles sewn to the ends of the green and pink threesies (from step1)
That is a lot of sewing! Also a lot of satisfaction when the last one rolled through my trusty sewing machine.  She deserves a dusting out and a drink of oil after all that hard work.  I gave myself a Triple Whammy Cuppa as a reward.  A Triple Whammy Cuppa is a lovely drink my precious neighbor taught me to make a few years back, Triple whammy because it does these three things...makes the house smell lovely, brings comfort and tastes delish!  It is simple to simply boil 2-3 broken cinnamon sticks in hot water till it is a nice rich color.  Strain it into a big mug, add a splash of milk and sugar (if desired) and enjoy. My neighbor called it Canella Tea and always had a pot going in the winter time.  She would simply add water and cinnamon sticks as needed.  You can usually find the sticks, and they do look like wooden sticks, in the grocery baking aisle but if not there, check the Mexican food section. 
Today I am going to finish up a quilted bag I have started and add to the %'s of finished UFOs over at Stashbusters for the year end totals. Just have to sew the lining to the bag and attached the handles.  I'm also having lunch with a dear friend.  Mexican Food...yummy!!!
Laundry is all caught up, bags are unpacked and put away, Hubby has been hugged and hugged and hugged and Snoops is finally over her mad at me being gone.  She actually joined me in the chair night before last.  Only took her about a week.
Dern cat.  Oh yeah I promised a pic of DGD's engagement ring.  Here it is:
More later.....


At December 30, 2010 at 12:39 PM , Blogger Kasey said...

HOW on earth did you finish all the RRCB steps? I haven't gone anywhere besides the grocery, and yet I've only got 18 neutral squares, and 400 HSTs, and about 8 triangles sewn on to the threesies! I do have the green/neutrals done.... and some of the HSTs are already sewn into sets of 5 (easier o count them that way!) I'm tired just listing all that.... lol. Tell your GD congrats, and if she's marrying a guy like I did, jewelry could become the default I-don't-know-what-to-get-her present- I'm not complaining, though! Happy New year, Cheri!

At January 2, 2011 at 3:17 AM , Blogger Filled with quilty goodness said...

Love your progress on RRCB. I won't even start till this weekend at our guild's mini-retreat.
LOL, I was expecting the triple whammy to have at least 3 sources of caffeine!
You were very smart to give mom and daughter some spave to discuss. You never know, some people stay together forever, others can't be helped no matter how mature they are.

At January 2, 2011 at 11:09 AM , Blogger Quilter Kathy said...

Your RRCB pieces look great! I'm hoping to catch up today!


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