Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In my sorting, flinging, destashing efforts, I keep discovering more UFOs. Found a box with raggy squares I had cut and stitched X's on. So got busy and with a little help from a sister at last Wednesday's sewing class, I got them put together. The two larger ones are recycled denim and flannel shirtings and the baby one is flannel with warm and natural type batting. The baby one will go to Haiti in today's shipment and the other two will go into our free Clothing Boutique at my church. Sure is good to get these projects that were started so long ago finished up. I have been so encouraged by all those quilters at Stashbusters and their prolific performance. Proud to be accepted as part of this great group. Here's some pics with help from Hubby who was very eager to get out to the shop this morning so I accepted one shot of each as sufficient.
Baby Teddy Quilt

6" block recycled denim & flannel shirting (Pay no attention to the yard sale boxes stacked in the background...another UFO of bigger proportions...LOL)

8" block recycled denim & flannel shirting quilt. The white spot near the bottom is a light reflection or something not a spot on the quilt.  Like I shot had to be sufficient this morning. Heh! Heh!  These two denim were put together in total scrappy random order...not too bad a result for a rush project! Now on their way to keep someone warm. Folks really like these rugged denim quilts


At November 19, 2010 at 7:38 PM , Blogger Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Do quilts wear well when they're made of both denim and flannel? I'm sure the denim must wear like iron, but I can't help wondering if the flannel deteriorates after the stress of being washed and dried with the denim. I have a stash of old jeans I've been saving for some kind of quilt project.


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