Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Someone said to me last week, "Oh, Cheri, you work so hard."  Somehow it didn't sound like a compliment, there was just a touch of "tsk, tsk" in the tone of voice.  I like to work hard...I love the satisfaction it gives me to know that I did all I could do toward the job at hand. I  like finished tasks, being able to stand back and look at a room cleaned, laundry all folded, a sparkling window and sigh contentedly. Now that is not to say that I do this all the time.  I think this person has not been around for the play times but has only observed me working.  I like to play just as hard. Nothing is better than a slap-down, laugh-filled game of pitch or canasta. Nothing is better than a discovery filled walk in the woods with my grands. I like to swim and boogie board and sometimes just run for the sheer joy of running, spinning with my arms held wide at the glory that this creation is.  And I enjoy a good rest.  I can take a nap with no guilt, I can spend an evening lolling in front of the TV with no regret, I can sit at the computer all evening knowing there is a sinkful of dishes waiting and feel no remorse. For me, it's all about balance...I reckon I will always work hard, play hard and rest well.  I love my life.

I also like giveaways. Kasey is having a birthday giveaway of some loverly rose fabric and ribbons. Click on her name and go on over to her blog and sign up. She said so far I've got it locked up so go sign up...we don't want anyone "tsk, tsk"-ing that it was a set up deal. 
Keep stitching or whatever it is that brings you joy~~


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