Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yesterday was a wonderful day. It was beautiful weather wise...one of those beautiful Indian Summer days that just make you want to be outside.  I got all the household bills paid early and had time to pin the layers of a quilt together before going to spend time catching up some computer work at the county jail. There I got to have some quality time getting to know our new chaplain.  I did have a couple of goofy things that I just had to laugh at myself for.  I wore a nice pair of gray dress slacks with my grey-blue lighthouse jacket. I put on a pair of grey socks...well in the lighting at home they looked grey. As I got out of the car into the bright fall sunshine, I looked down and yep, those grey socks were definitely brown...rolling my eyes heavenly "Oh, help me, Lord,"  Oh well if anyone mentioned them I'll just point to that tiny bit of brown ground 'neath the lighthouses in my jacket and say innocently "It compliments the earth." When I got home and before going to the Monday night Bible Study I went into the sewing room to audition some thread for the quilt I had pinned that morning.  Mmmmm, there is no batting in this quilt!  I had pinned the top and backing together and forgot to put the batting in. LAMS (laughing at my self) What else can you do? Throw a tizzy fit and then be mad about that, too? That was the old me LOL. Thankfully it is only throw size and not a queen size. Easy fix. I'll be posting a couple of finished raggy quilts in a bit.
May all your socks match and may your batting be in place.


At November 10, 2010 at 5:30 PM , Blogger Lori said...

uhh, I QUILTED a whole baby quilt on the long arm without batting. Luckily, I had backed it with fleece and it made a nice baby throw. one of those times you loaded it late at night, and were so excited about it you quilted it the next day before cutting the batting and putting it in the middle.


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