Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm going to post these pictures of the 2 Blue Ridge Beauties I made so I can review and compare them.
I can't figure out quickly how to get them up together on my picture editor on my pc but do know how to put them on here. The first one has already been sent to and and snuggled in by my granddaughter. Otherwise, I would spread them in real life for a view. Anyway, after I've studied them a bit I'll come back and post my thoughts.

Quilt #1
Quilt #2
I'm ba-ack~~ (BTW, you can click on any picture to see it larger and then use your tool bar's back arrow to return to this page. I left them small to compare them together.)

OK, ready to chat this up. Other than the facts that these are different sizes and quilt #1 on the top is finished and quilt #2 does not even have borders yet, the only difference is shown in the photos further down of the blocks used for each. (Would the borders make the blue peaks pop more?)
The top block shown below is used repeatedly in the first quilt and is made up of two HSTs and two 4Patches. Each 4P has four scrappy squares~~2 light and 2 dark, but all scrappy.


Block used for Quilt #1
Block used for Quilt #2
This other one was used for the larger quilt and the only difference is Each 4P has 2 scrappy squares and 2 white squares.  Both blocks have light and dark blue triangles making up the HSTs. Those white squares really tone down the blue peaks.  While the second quilt is still very nice and I like it, I really love the boldness of the blue peaks in the first one.  I'm wondering if I had reversed the white to make it snuggle into the corners next to the blue, would I like it better?  Might just have to try that next time.....only on a smaller quilt. Somebody's just gonna have to have a baby boy. Can anyone say "Grandson"?

Hard to believe this quilt is made by only this one block repeated over and over an a half turn when you pit them together. The artist is very skilled at designing user friendly quilts.
It is a Bonnie K Hunter pattern you can see if you click here and then scroll down a bit.


At February 21, 2011 at 1:34 PM , Blogger wackywoman said...

Both are lovely. My initial reaction is the second one reads more light for me. Then I see you have white in it. I like that. Isn't Bonnie wonderful?

At February 24, 2011 at 5:55 AM , Blogger Pattilou said...

Interesting science here. I had to really study them. Since I've made quilts using a similar pattern only mine were more fall colors, all I can say is what looks a bit weird in the samll block, when added to the whole quilt they work. I'm a bit over obsessed with colors matching and so this is always a great exercise. I like them both, but the top one seems to sparkle a bit more. Hard to say, without comparing them side by side, they could either one stand alone and be great! You've got a nice variety of scraps!

At February 26, 2011 at 4:03 AM , Blogger Helen in the UK said...

Both quilts are beautiful and from casual observance both seem almost identical. However, when viewing the larger pictures closely the first quilt does have more sparkle. I think it is the variety of fabrics/colours/values in the 4patches that seems to give the first one a 'little extra'. Again, both are beautiful :)


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