Friday, September 3, 2010

The Right Foot

Looking at the quilting on the Critter Care Quilt has brought revelation to me.  I have so many UFO's because I don't really know how to QUILT.  I know how to piece but I am just learning how to quilt.  I'm still a novice student of the quilting part of quilting. LOL  And I long for a Quilt Machine.  They are big so not sure where I would put it.  Hhhhmmmmmmm...

When Helen commented it could be dangerous to not have the right foot, I believed her.  Have you paid attention to how much this gal has produced in quilts the last few weeks? You can read it here  (yes, I know I need to learn how to link better...patience is a perfect work, you know)  Anyway, Helen knows her stuff.  So off I went to find a foot. First I went through all my boxes of attachments to see if maybe I had a univeral one that might fit.  Lots of folks know I sew and teach and they give me stuff...everything from pins and needles to old treadle machines.  Lots of times machines come in that don't work any more and I always keep the attachments.  I have several machines that i use, so when I decided I was going to quilt I thought I would use the one I am most familiar with to leave set up as my quilting machine.  This machine has been a work horse for me. I know it's rumbles and grumbles and know what it can and can't do.  And it is a favorite because my husband bought it for me...he actually went the distance in the buying of it but that is another story. Maybe he'll buy me a long....oh my, can't even put voice to that yet.  Gotta get better.  Back to the right foot...

Didn't find any in my collection so I couldn't even have changed machines if I had been so inclined.  Next stop  the sewing center near me.  They had several but wouldn't sell me one without trying it on my machine which I didn't think to take with me...even with the part number which I did have with me.  I think the feet they showed were all used...they sell Janome and Husqvarna fairly exclusively and sort wrinkle their noses at any other although they do work on them. But since they are close to where I live I have decided to just have fun with the fact that they will be snooty.  I always manage to mention that I have several wonderful working machines that were free and I really appreciate it when they have a part for me.  I keep eyeing the long arm they have set up to try out and always say "No, I better not be tempted that way." when they ask if I'd like to try it.  Bet if I bought one they would be more friendly.  Anyway, today I will take my machine with me but since Joann's sale starts today and I have a gift card from my daughter, think I will go there first. Need a new rotary cutter and they have all their quilting notions up to 50% off and I got an email yesterday for an extra 10% off. win-win!!!  I can always go by "Snooty's" on the way home.

I think my practice projects are going to be solid or small print quilt rectangles that I can "scribble" on with free motion writing and make into doggie and kitty pillows.  This baby needs one.

Dont forget to put "Birthday" in your comment to be in the giveaway drawing to celebrate with me on the 21st.
Stay tuned!


At September 8, 2010 at 12:56 PM , Blogger Helen in the UK said...

Hope your search for a freemotion foot is fruitful ... and if you manage to get it with your birthday voucher so much the better :)
PS: Thanks for your lovely comments about me quilts, you've made me blush!

At September 9, 2010 at 3:12 PM , Blogger Rubyd said...

My lovely kitties think that every piece of fabric I bring home is just for them....they seem to think that they deserve birthday presents....


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